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House pavilion garage

Price : 3200 Eur

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Gazebo 4x4.5m with teras

Price : 3700 Eur

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Frequently asked questions

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How much time does it take to produce a gazebo?

Estimated production time is around 1-4 weeks

What is included in the price?

All components of the gazebo are included in the price, except delivery and assembly

What does it cost to deliver the gazebo to EU?

Estimated price of delivery for 1 standard gazebo is around 300-600 EUR depending on the size and distance to your address

What does it cost to assemble the gazebo?

We do not usually offer assembling outside our origin country, however it might be possible, estimated price would be 200-1500 EUR depending on the size, and masters that are required and how much they cost in your country.
A experianced master could set up a 3x3.5m pavilion in 3 - 4 days. People of 4 can do it in a single day.

How and where are they produced?

All our products are produced in Latvia and are made of good quality pine

How can I pay for the product?

You will receive an invoice with payment information

How is the payment system?

50% of amount should be payed beforehand and other 50% before sending out the product

How can I assemble the gazebo?

You will receive instructions in paper and video format

What are quality standarts?

Our products are made of high quality tree, planed boards, oil paint for long lasting


For any other questions please use contact form below

We do also offer wholesale manufacturing

About us

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We are a small company located in Latvia.
We are working for many years now in building pavilions, gazebos, small garden houses, and small saunas un small living houses.

Our workshop is aproximently 1000m2 large, and we mainly produce pavilions and gazebos at this time.

Our main idea is to make our production fast and with quality, so that we can deliver quality products to peaople with lowest prices.

If you wish to order or ask a question, the simplest way is contacting us on whatsap +371 29828152
we speak, Norwegian, Danish, English, Swedish, Latvian and Russian languages.

If you wish to make an order just send to whatsapp the image you like from our website and we will give you a quote with shipping to your location.

Our company produces gazebos and deliver them all around the world. Our main production is Gazebos and small garden saunas and houses.